Landing A Job In The Hotel Industry

The hotel industry is a land of incredible opportunities and a rewarding career awaits anyone who has the necessary skills to gain entry into the hospitality industry. However, the skills that are required to excel in the hotel industry are very difficult to obtain and that means you will find that the entry barrier is pretty high. The expectations of every hotel employee are pretty high and it is quite a challenge to meet these expectations. However, if you have made up your mind that your future lies in the hospitality industry, then there are a few things you could do that might help.

Hotel Courses

Education is the primary way of gaining entry into any industry, be it the business of finance or the business of hotels. So, at a very early age you must have decided to enter the hotel industry and you must have already pursued higher studies with hospitality as the area of interest. The jobs in the hotel industry are lucrative and by extension studying and going through the courses of hotel jobs are also expensive. That means, you should have the necessary funds to finish these courses.

Once you have arranged for the funds, the even tougher task is to gain entry into the best institutes that teach about the hotel industry. Gaining entry into the best universities and colleges is almost as tough as gaining an entry into the hotel industry and landing a hotel job. If you manage to get admission into one of the top ten hotel industry universities, think of that like practice, for you will find it useful when you start looking for hotel jobs once you finish the course.

If you have successfully completed a course at the best places to study about hotel jobs, then there is a high probability that you would be placed in a good hotel while you are studying as part of campus placement. You will find that this is very convenient and takes a huge load off your chest in terms of having to worry about landing a job on your own after finishing your hotel course.

Being A Trainee

You could also give yourself a huge boost to your post studying career by taking up a position of a trainee at a hotel, even as you are studying. The benefits of doing this are many. One, you will be able to contrast and understand what you are learning at your college and with how things stand at an actual hotel job. Second, you are gaining valuable experience that will surely come in handy while attending job interviews. Lastly, if the hotel that engaged you as a trainee liked your work, they themselves may offer you a position.

The Dangers Of Commercial Dog Food – Is The Food Your Dog Is Eating Making Him Sick?

What would you say if you were told that commercial dog food is slowly but surely killing your very best friend?

It’s an awful thing to think about, but in light of the recent pet food recalls it is all too much of a reality. So many people lost their pets because they trusted their pet food providers to give them the right amount of nutrition for their pet, and they paid for it with their dearest companion’s life.

It’s not just a couple of different dog foods that were affected by this scare: it was a whole list of the various varieties of dog food, some of which you may be feeding your dog right now.

There’s a good chance that you are using one the brands of dog food that has gone through a recall, however hopefully the “serial” number on your bag isn’t one from the tainted batches. If the fact that you may have very well missed your dog’s demise by a day or so of shopping scares you, it’s important you take a little time to consider what you are feeding your precious pup.

Many people have gotten tired of “rolling the dice” with commercial dog food and have swtiched entirely to natural dog food. This can be a great strategy to make sure your dog is eating nothing but healthy food, however we don’t want you to think that you can’t ever feed him the dog food you find in the store again.

You just need to know what to look for – you can use the link at the bottom of this article to find out exactly what to look for if you are shopping for dog food.

Let’s take a quick look at why many people are choosing to incorporate natural dog food into their dog’s diet.

The obvious reason many dog owners are switching to natural food is so that they won’t have to worry about a dog food scare again. You know exactly what you are putting in your dog’s body and once you get the hang of it, the cost of using natural dog food can be the same as using store bought brands.

If you think about it, your own body works best on natural foods, so it only makes sense that the same theory applies for your pet. All of the additives and preservatives are not what Mother Nature intended our bodies to have to be able to digest, and the same stands for dogs.

A canine’s sensitive system is just not equipped to handle all of that wheat gluten and the whole other host of hard to pronounce ingredients found in your dog’s food. Natural foods are easy to digest, healthy, and contribute to a better functioning system altogether for you and your pet. What is good for you is great for your pet.

Your dog is an animal, and while they are fortunate enough to have a home with you, keep in mind that they would be eating natural food if they lived in the wild. Wild dogs don’t have to worry about bad wheat gluten, or canine obesity, or tumors or anything else of that nature. Why is that? What they eat is 100 percent all-natural, so it’s important you pay attention to what you are feeding them inside your home.

Don’t spend any more money on commercial dog food until you have looked closer at the dangers of commercial dog foods – that’s why we put the link at the bottom of this article. Obviously you want to make sure your dog lives a happy, healthy and long life! Your dog brings a lot of joy in your life, and he deserves the very best in everything that you have to give! All the best!

Looking For The Perfect Travel And Leisure Destination, Try Cat Island

Picking a vacation destination for yourself and your family can be difficult. Sure, you could go to the same boring places that everybody else does; I’m talking about Disney World or the Grand Canyon or on a cruise, but why not mix it up with something a little more original and off the beaten path?

Whenever I think about a place to go on vacation I have two requirements; it has to be relaxing and it has to be sunny, (and if you can throw in a sandy beach or two that’s even better).

The problem is, I don’t want to go to the same beach resorts that everybody else does. That’s why I recommend Cat Island.

Many people have never even heard of it but it’s the sixth largest island in the Bahamas. Many people believe that it’s the most beautiful and certainly the most unspoiled of all the many islands in the Bahamas. It’s basically located southeast of Eleuthera and a little north east of Long Island.

When picking a vacation spot, it’s also important that the location has a story and Cat Island is no exception. Legend has it that Columbus landed there originally when searching for the New World.

What can you expect to find, and more importantly what can you expect to do while visiting this idyllic island in the Bahamas? Well of course there are the beaches and the crystal clear waters that are absolutely perfect for snorkeling.

You can also explore Mount Alvernia which is the highest point in the entire Bahamas at 206 feet above sea level.

The island is named after Arthur cat who was a famous British sea captain but some people think that the island was named because when the English first arrived they found the entire island populated by large hordes of wild cats! You can’t make this stuff up. Legend has it that the cats were left by the Spanish who were looking for gold in South America.

The entire island is only 50 miles long and between four and one mile wide, so it’s not a very big place. The first settlers arrived in 1783 and cotton plantations were built to support the island economically. You can still see the remnants of the original plantation mansions as well as the remains of some slave villages.

It really is one of the most beautiful islands in the Bahamas and has many high cliffs with amazingly spectacular views and a densely forested foothill section.

Cat Island is definitely worth your time as a great vacation destination.

Thai Culture – An Overview (Part 8)

There are dozens upon dozens of books that take an in depth look at Thai history and culture. I am not going to try to emulate them here. What I am going to do is tell you what you need to know to make a comfortable transition. This is part 8 and the final article in a series on Thai culture.

Cultural Oddities
The Feet – Always take off your shoes when entering someone’s home. Never use your feet to point or do something your hands can do such as closing a door. Never rest your feet on a table or on a car dashboard. In relation to this, if someone is lying down, never step over them. Walk around them. Note, as with most things in life, when you are among very close friends, these rules of politeness can go out the window. Observe your friends and when unsure, border on the side of caution. Never point your feet at a Buddha image or at a Monk.

The Head – Never touch someone on the head. The only exception is a small child or a significant other with whom you are very close.

Blowing Your Nose – It’s extremely rude to blow your nose in public. The Thais will excuse themselves to the privacy of the bathroom for this or sniffle until they can reach such a place.

Picking Your Nose – Contrary to what logic might dictate, while blowing one’s nose is considered very rude and disgusting, it’s perfectly acceptable to pick it. No matter how many times I see it, I can never quite accept a beautiful young girl with her finger up her nose.

Yes – The Thais don’t like to disappoint. And although it defies Western logic, if you ask for something and the real answer is no, you will often be told yes. Be aware of this. If you suspect the answer may be no, but are told yes right away, don’t assume it means yes. Double and triple check and offer a way out such as ‘If no, mai pen rai, really’. In this way, the Thai will not lose face by telling you no if the answer is indeed no.

Volume – The volume at which many Americans speak never ceases to amaze me. Even when the person I am speaking with is 2 feet away, they project their voice as if they are on stage on Broadway. In the US this may be considered a show of strength and confidence or maybe everyone is just hard of hearing. I honestly don’t know. What I do know is that speaking at this volume in Thailand will result in making the person you are speaking with feel extremely uncomfortable, not to mention embarrassing yourself. Here again can be found another contradiction in Thai culture, for volume from all other things does not seem to bother anyone. Dogs bark constantly. Music is played by outdoor karaoke bars at ear shattering volumes. Trucks drive around cities with giant speakers, broadcasting news of the latest motorcycles or laundry detergent. And no one seems to mind. But raise your voice when you speak and you will bother all of those within earshot.

Eye contact – Don’t look a superior directly in the eye. While this is considered a sign of respect and trustworthiness in the West, in Thailand, as with a tiger, this is a sign of a challenge and disrespect. If you find yourself speaking with someone of obvious superior status, look slightly down or past them, but not directly in the eyes.

Misc. – If you must walk between two people or walk in front of someone who is watching TV or some other event, always bend over slightly. This is a show of respect. Failing to do so is quite rude.

If someone is sitting, never stand over them and speak. This makes you look arrogant and belittles the person sitting. In schools across the country, when a student comes into a room to speak with a teacher who is sitting at a desk, the student kneels down to the level of the teacher. It is a simple show of respect.