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Landing A Job In The Hotel Industry

The hotel industry is a land of incredible opportunities and a rewarding career awaits anyone who has the necessary skills to gain entry into the hospitality industry. However, the skills that are required to excel in the hotel industry are very difficult to obtain and that means you will find that the entry barrier is pretty high. The expectations of every hotel employee are pretty high and it is quite a challenge to meet these expectations. However, if you have made up your mind that your future lies in the hospitality industry, then there are a few things you could do that might help.

Hotel Courses

Education is the primary way of gaining entry into any industry, be it the business of finance or the business of hotels. So, at a very early age you must have decided to enter the hotel industry and you must have already pursued higher studies with hospitality as the area of interest. The jobs in the hotel industry are lucrative and by extension studying and going through the courses of hotel jobs are also expensive. That means, you should have the necessary funds to finish these courses.

Once you have arranged for the funds, the even tougher task is to gain entry into the best institutes that teach about the hotel industry. Gaining entry into the best universities and colleges is almost as tough as gaining an entry into the hotel industry and landing a hotel job. If you manage to get admission into one of the top ten hotel industry universities, think of that like practice, for you will find it useful when you start looking for hotel jobs once you finish the course.

If you have successfully completed a course at the best places to study about hotel jobs, then there is a high probability that you would be placed in a good hotel while you are studying as part of campus placement. You will find that this is very convenient and takes a huge load off your chest in terms of having to worry about landing a job on your own after finishing your hotel course.

Being A Trainee

You could also give yourself a huge boost to your post studying career by taking up a position of a trainee at a hotel, even as you are studying. The benefits of doing this are many. One, you will be able to contrast and understand what you are learning at your college and with how things stand at an actual hotel job. Second, you are gaining valuable experience that will surely come in handy while attending job interviews. Lastly, if the hotel that engaged you as a trainee liked your work, they themselves may offer you a position.

Shirdi Hotels: Best Choices Amongst Three Star Properties

A holy town which was first sanctified when revered ascetic, Sai Baba returned to it in 1858. His divine presence in the town has been a major pillar in building the real character and essence of the town that Shirdi is. Today hundreds and thousands of devout disciples of his doctrines visit the town to pay homage to the legendary saint. To accommodate such travelers there is very less need of lavish settlements and therefore the city has many humble hotels and guesthouses. Shirdi hotels are downright humble in their appearance and are also economical in range. However, no compromise is made in the standards of sanitation, cleanliness, comfort and personal space at these hotels in Shirdi.

These Shirdi hotels cater to all the basic requirements of devout devotees while they are on their religious odyssey to Shirdi. Some of the pocket-friendly properties in the town are:

Hotel Sai Sahavas: Sai Baba’s presence can be felt in every chore and corner of the city and even at Hotel Sai Shavas the tranquility in the ambiance and soulful essence is reminiscent of renowned saint’s presence. The holy shrine of Sai Baba is just 5 minutes away from the hotel where guests are accommodated in 34 well-appointed guestrooms. Rooms here are replete with modern day amenities and are well-spacious for a comfortable stay.

Hotel Sai Leela: One of the finest economy class hotels in Shirdi Hotel Sai Leela is well-known for being an immaculate setting available at a reasonable price. Established in 1989 the property caters to all the requirements of its valued guests and pampers them with exceptional personal care and customizable services. Guests are served most delicious vegetarian preparations at Nandi Restaurant where on menu are Indian, Continental and Chinese cuisines. The restaurant offers food without tax here.

Hotel Kuber Inn: Hotel assures a qualitative experience and it indeed delivers it to the fullest. A classic exterior is complemented with fine interiors and premier class service level. The plush guestrooms are classified into the categories of Deluxe Rooms and Suites. Well-appointed with modern amenities the guestrooms at the hotel are adorned further with elegant furnishings which are appropriately placed inside to make sure room has enough free-space left around. The neat and clean rooms are also very airy. To maintain sanctity of the religious town, Hotel Kuber Inn only serves from a vegetarian menu. At Kalpana Restaurant guests can relish a wide range of Indian and Asian cuisines which are served at the room around the clock.

These are just few from a long list of economy class Shirdi hotels there is a whole range of accommodation options which are pocket-friendly where guests doesn’t have to compromise on the service level either.