Top 10 Restaurants in Vegas for Breakfast and Any Other Meal

The very best (for different reasons, as explained below) places to eat in this great city are:

1. The Bellagio Buffet. By far one of absolute very best. Why? Because every dish is high-quality, cooked with ability and care for your palate. The range is large and the quality is, in the Bellagio style, excellent.

2. The Rio buffet. The best if variety is your priority. It’s probably the largest buffet in this city and the quality is still good (not as excellent as at the Bellagio but still good) whilst being very affordable.

3. The Main Street Station Hotel & Casino. Located in the downtown area, this is by far the best breakfast restaurant if affordability is key and you don’t want to compromise too much on taste and quality. The range is good with all the breakfast favorites. We strongly recommend it especially on weekends, when other places tend to increase their prices significantly.

4. Cravings. This is the Mirage buffet-restaurant. Absolutely a must if you value good quality and affordability. The best smoked salmon in town.

5. Treasure Island buffet-restaurant. A must if you wish to enjoy a decent (but not huge!) range of dishes of good quality in a really lovely setting which will make you forget you are at a buffet!

6. The Village at the Paris buffet-restaurant. The best if you want to have a fabulous visual experience! Here you will feel as if you were in a French village, eating outside and enjoying the picturesque architecture. The range of dishes is very good and the quality is good.

7. The Spice Market buffet-restaurant. Another great place to enjoy your breakfast if you like variety and decent quality. Unfortunately you cannot enjoy the roll-over lunch here, but if all you care about is breakfast, this is a good choice.

8. The Wynn buffet-restaurant. This used to be the second best restaurant for a sumptuous breakfast but things have been declining somewhat.

9. Any Bellagio restaurant. Beside its fabulous buffet, the Bellagio offers a good range of high-quality hotels which, if price is not an issue for you, you can try and thoroughly enjoy. If you can, go to the ones which offer a view of the fabulous ‘lake’ with its fountain show, but any other will be just as good.

10. Breakfast at Mandalay Bay restaurant buffet. The key is in the fruit section and in the hot sausage section! The rest is not fabulous but two items are served here at breakfast that, if you are in the area, you should not miss. Moroever, the environment is beautiful.